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Update on 10 April 2020

Dear valued supporters

Having set up less than six months ago, we at LGB Alliance are proud of what we have achieved with your help:

• We have become known internationally as the first LGB organization to challenge the dogma of gender identity and to fire up the struggle to protect the rights of people with a same-sex sexual orientation. We have focused especially on protecting the rights of lesbians, which are under extreme pressure at this time. We receive a constant stream of messages of support and encouragement from people around the world.

• We organized an initial meeting in London, the launch of LGB Alliance Scotland in Glasgow, and we are working hard on plans for our first public one-day conference to be held as soon as possible, subject to the course of Covid-19. We have set up as a limited company, prepared our application for charity status, commissioned our designs/logos, are continuing our investigation of whether Stonewall is in breach of its legal obligations under the Equality Act, and are already liaising with public and private organizations to get our message across.

• For months our most urgent focus was Scotland. The Scottish Government was trying to push through its Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill. While the Bill was presented as a minor change to help transgender people, it was nothing of the sort. It would have introduced gender self-ID, which would have undermined the rights of women and people with a same-sex sexual orientation. The changes would have made it impossible for women to retain control of their sex-protected spaces and created plenty of opportunity for abuse. If this Bill had gone through in Scotland, pressure would have built to achieve the same changes in the rest of the UK. The Bill also sought to allow children aged 16 to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate, which records a permanent change of legal “gender”.

We joined forces with Scottish women’s groups and launched a major publicity drive to raise public awareness of the Scottish Government’s plan to introduce gender self-ID. The Bill would have made it possible, for the first time in the UK, for any man at all, whether or not he had gone through (or planned to go through) any physical transition, to legally become a woman, thus acquiring access to all places previously reserved for women only. Most people had no idea that this was going on. We urged the Scottish Government to “Press Pause” and withdraw the Bill to allow all the implications to be fully discussed.

Our publicity drive included meetings, broadcasts, videos and full-page ads in national newspapers. We explained our concerns, noting that the legislation would impact on the rights of people with a same-sex sexual orientation and women in Scotland, in the UK, and around the world.

We are very pleased to be able to say that our campaign was successful. Many MSPs, becoming aware of all the negative aspects of self-ID, expressed serious concerns, and many more voices of opposition were heard as the public became better informed. The Scottish Government announced that it was pausing the planned reform bill. It was also influenced, no doubt, by the fact that the Westminster Parliament decided to shelve a similar Bill. We very much hope that these developments will lead at length to a proper public debate on sex and gender. Let’s hope the UK can lead the way towards sanity.

Our focus now shifts to the “LGBT-inclusive curriculum for primary schools”. The title makes it sound kind and benign. Unfortunately, it is not. For some reason the government commissioned this curriculum from Stonewall. All sex and relationship material should be age-appropriate. It is good to teach children aged 5 to 11, for instance that some children have two mummies or two daddies instead of a mummy and a daddy, and that women sometimes fall in love with other women and men with men. And that all that is perfectly fine. That is LGB-inclusive education: it is helpful in preventing bullying and making children from gay or lesbian households feel more secure.

However, this Stonewall curriculum focuses mainly on teaching gender identity. It does not mention important facts such as differences between boys and girls or changes that take place in puberty. Instead, it teaches kids that everyone has a gender identity, and that some people are “non-binary”. It leads young kids to believe that they may have been born in the wrong body. The curriculum includes a list of books for the library. One of them, for 5-year-olds, features a teddy bear that does not know whether it is a girl or a boy. We feel that this material is completely inappropriate. It takes a problem experienced by a small minority of children, that of feeling ill at ease in one’s body, and projects it as a common experience for the entire class. In our view, this risks creating confusion and real harm. So our next priority is to halt the rollout of this curriculum.

The challenges facing LGB Alliance are huge, as gender ideology, which says that biological sex is of less importance than gender identity, is increasingly accepted across almost all UK public and private institutions. We have to change that. But campaigning is a costly process. Once we are a charity, we will be able to apply for grant funding. Until then, we have no way of paying for the work we do other than from your kind donations. Unlike other organizations whose positions we are challenging, we receive no government funding. We are all unpaid volunteers: the money we receive goes to pay for all the costs we incur in our campaigning and educational work, including paying for venues, lawyers, designers, manufacturers, campaign ads, communications and technology.


A group of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals resolved at a meeting in Central London on 22 October 2019 to set up a new “LGB Alliance” to counteract the confusion between sex and gender which is now widespread in the public sector and elsewhere.

The participants – who included former employees and supporters of the lobby group Stonewall, plus doctors, psychiatrists, academics and lawyers with expertise in child safeguarding – agreed a foundation statement revolving around biological sex rather than the gender theories which they regard as pseudo-scientific and dangerous. (This became the mission statement that is now on our website).

The meeting followed a refusal by Stonewall, which was originally set up to fight legal discrimination against gay men and lesbians, to respond to a petition asking it to acknowledge the range of valid viewpoints around sex, gender and transgender politics.

Immediately after that first meeting, we were inundated with offers of support and help. This has mean that that we have had to act quickly to harness this enthusiasm and energy. On 18 January 2020 we launched LGB Alliance Scotland.

Our activities, plans and expenses for the near future are as follows:

Now that we are a legal entity, we have applied for full charitable status.

We engaged task-based professional help to design logo and marketing materials

We are engaging a (task-based) digital media assistant to run social media accounts

Our website is being professionally enhanced and optimised

We will be hiring one salaried administrative staff member to coordinate the project staff and the volunteer working groups already set up (comms, EHRC enquiry, international liaison, UK liaison, steering group)

All internet, phone and communication costs

An event organiser will be needed to arrange our June conference

Costs include venue hire and security, subsidies for anyone attending who cannot afford the cost of travel, reimbursement of speakers’ travel costs, PR and marketing.

A new charity has been formed recently to support young people (of both sexes but mainly girls) who have changed their mind.  As teenagers they started on the path of transition only to find that as young adults they come to realise that a terrible mistake has been made. Some have had puberty blocking drugs; others have had healthy breast removed.  This is a very sad phenomenon which is growing in number.  We want to offer support to this group through mentoring schemes, meetings, practical advice and social events.

As our organisation grows we will enlist individual supporters but may also have crowdfunding efforts in the future for specific projects. So far all our support has come from the grassroots.  We do not anticipate funding from corporations but we may apply for grants from other charitable foundations in due course.

The new group aims to be an umbrella organisation that supports freedom of speech, accurate biological definitions of sex and fact-based education. It will maintain links to all groups who fight for the rights of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men at a time when Stonewall brands same-sex attraction as transphobic.

It has also called for an end to ‘Stonewall Law’, which deliberately misrepresents the Equality Act, and has asked the Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate whether Stonewall, as a recipient of public funds, is upholding its public duty to represent the voices of LGB people and facilitate discussion between different groups protected under the Equality Act.

The members of the new Alliance agreed, as part of a 20-point position statement, that:

• lesbianism and homosexuality are same-sex (not same-gender) attraction;

• lesbians are biological women who are attracted to other biological women;

• sex is not ‘assigned’ at birth but observed;

• it is not transphobic for lesbians to have their own spaces and institutions which exclude male-bodied people;

• there is often a link between transgender ideology and the suppression of lesbianism and homosexuality;

• telling children who do not conform to gender stereotypes that they are born in the wrong body is damaging and regressive;

• the soaring numbers of teenage girls suddenly presenting as trans is evidence of social contagion and discomfort about lesbianism

Please support us in the important work ahead. For more information contact or via Facebook LGB Alliance UK