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Update on 2nd May

Message to all our supporters

Regrettably, in the past 3 days, John Nicolson MP has taken steps to have our JustGiving and GoFundMe pages closed down.  This stopped our ability to fundraise at a stroke and with no notice or reasons given.

We are pleased that we now have our own donation page which will remain open.

As many of you know, all our work is done by volunteers who are neither paid nor receive reimbursement of expenses.  This has been the case since our first meeting on 22 October 2019.

All the money we raise goes towards the cost of setting up a new organisation and running campaigns.  So far this has included legal fees, IT, stationery, phone, design, publications, merchandise, newspaper advertising, meetings and subscriptions.  Like all companies, LGB Alliance files its accounts annually and these will be available on Companies House website.

Our application for charitable status is in process. Once that is approved, we will be able to receive money from donors who have their own charitable trusts and have already declared their commitment to supporting us.  We will also be in a position to apply for government funding.  In other words, we will be able to set up in a fully professional way in order to properly represent LGB people.

Our goal is to run LGB Alliance with full time staff.  Our charitable objectives are centred on education and raising awareness in equality and diversity in respect of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

We will conduct or commission research on equality and diversity issues and publish the results to the public.  We will also hold regional and national meetings.  We will represent LGB people at Government level to ensure that policy making is based on fact rather than fantasy.

In sum – we will provide an alternative narrative to the prevalent thinking of all the other LGBT groups who believe that there is such a thing as “gender identity”; that a child can be “born in the wrong body” and that it is perfectly possible for a man to become a woman simply by wishing it so.

These LGBT groups have abandoned those who are same sex attracted and we reject their damaging and unscientific theories.

If you support us in this important work, please donate now.  A regular donation is even more helpful than a one off as it allows us to do some planning and budgeting.  But whatever you can give – it is very much appreciated.

Thank you from all at LGB Alliance to all of you around the world who will not be silenced but will stand up for fact and reason.



Honey Corbett

£5.00 January 27, 2021

Please don't ever stop fighting for what's right, can't imagine the stress you must be under. I applaud you.


Les Hearson

£20.00 January 26, 2021
Anonymous User


£10.00 January 26, 2021
Anonymous User


£10.00 January 26, 2021

Adam Smith

£10.00 January 18, 2021

I will make a donation every time I get banned or cancelled for making a factually accurate statement.

Anonymous User


£30.00 January 16, 2021
Anonymous User


£10.00 January 15, 2021
Anonymous User


£30.00 January 14, 2021

Amy Carparelli

£50.00 January 13, 2021

LPulp (Etsy Shop)

£3.70 January 12, 2021

The equivalent of $5 USD on behalf of a customer for the purchase of a tee shirt 🙂


LPulp (Etsy Shop)

£2.22 January 12, 2021

The equivalent of $3 USD on the behalf of a customer, for the purchase of a set of earrings.


Alex Bloodfire

£20.00 January 11, 2021