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We rely on donations from individuals across the world who refuse to be silenced and who want to stand up for the truth. They are mainly lesbians, gays and bisexuals but we have many straight allies and we are particularly grateful for the support of trans friends who know we wish them well.

Our entire team works as unpaid volunteers. We do of course hire the services of specialists such as lawyers, IT professionals and branding experts on an ad hoc basis. This has been the case since we were founded in October 2019. All the money we raise goes towards the cost of running the organisation which involves fighting on many fronts simultaneously. So far this has included everything from running stalls at conferences to conducting detailed research on puberty blockers. We provide factual information to MPs, MSPs, MSs (Wales) and MLAs (NI) and campaign on issues like education and prisons.

A significant amount of our money is spent on legal advice. Our lawyers have produced documents that we believe will turn out to be historically important including challenges to the EHRC and other institutions. Other aditional costs include IT, stationery, branding, merchandise and newspaper advertising on campaigns such as that against the Hate Crime Bill and Gender Recognition Act Reform in Scotland.

Like all companies LGB Alliance files its accounts annually and these will be available on the Companies House website in due course. We have nothing to hide. Feel free to ask us questions about how your donation will be used.

We can only keep going with your donations and we are grateful for your generosity. With your help we can make history.

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Our Donors


Honey Corbett

£5.00 January 27, 2021

Please don't ever stop fighting for what's right, can't imagine the stress you must be under. I applaud you.


Les Hearson

£20.00 January 26, 2021
Anonymous User


£10.00 January 26, 2021
Anonymous User


£10.00 January 26, 2021

Adam Smith

£10.00 January 18, 2021

I will make a donation every time I get banned or cancelled for making a factually accurate statement.

Anonymous User


£30.00 January 16, 2021
Anonymous User


£10.00 January 15, 2021
Anonymous User


£30.00 January 14, 2021

Amy Carparelli

£50.00 January 13, 2021

LPulp (Etsy Shop)

£3.70 January 12, 2021

The equivalent of $5 USD on behalf of a customer for the purchase of a tee shirt 🙂


LPulp (Etsy Shop)

£2.22 January 12, 2021

The equivalent of $3 USD on the behalf of a customer, for the purchase of a set of earrings.


Alex Bloodfire

£20.00 January 11, 2021